About The Colorado Certified Seed Potato Growers’ Association (CCPGA)

CCPGA Mission Statement:

The Colorado Certified Seed Potato Growers’ Association supports all efforts to produce the highest quality seed and sustain the profitability of Colorado’s certified seed potato industry.

About the CCPGA:

The CCPGA is an association of certified seed potato growers that is over sixty years old.  Membership is made up of seed potato growers that enter seed potatoes for certification by the state of Colorado and in any given year, pay the minimum fees necessary for certification of the crop.  The CCPGA has grown steadily over the years with increased profitability of grower members driven by the development of new, improved potato cultivars in all major categories, the adoption of new seed production technology, a better understanding of potato diseases and their management, and improved marketing strategies for seed sales.  A close relationship with Colorado State University, the organization mandated by state law to certify seed potatoes in Colorado, has been very beneficial to the CCPGA over the years.  Not only has the CCPGA/University partnership helped provide new facilities for conducting seed potato certification, but this partnership has been instrumental in helping with cultivar development. The two entities have set up a program whereby the CCPGA takes ownership of all new cultivars produced from the CSU Cultivar Development Program, and is able to Federally protect (under Federal PVP) and market these cultivars exclusively for both members profit and for the generation of royalties to further support the potato research and breeding program efforts.  The CCPGA is a viable, healthy organization which continues to grow and support diverse seed related activities.

The CCPGA is incorporated as a Colorado non-profit corporation.  It has a nine member Board of Directors elected from the membership plus two non-certified potato growers as active participants with a set of Bylaws governing its activities.  For decades, the cooperating partnership between CSU and the CCPGA has been active in all facets related to seed potato certification.  The CCPGA has positioned itself to initiate new business strategies, functioning independently, but in partnership with CSU.  Because of this re-organization between CSU and the CCPGA, the Association has developed the capacity to take full advantage of any new opportunities for conducting related programs supportive of its mission statement and its goals as a seed organization.

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2016-17 CCPGA Board of Directors

  • Patrick Brownell - President
  • Grant Mattive - Vice President
  • Kent Price - Secretary Treasurer
  • Roger Mix - Director
  • Bruce Heersink - Director
  • Matt Seger - Director
  • Brendon Rockey - Director
  • Clay Mitchell -  Commercial Growers’ Representative
  • Jeff McCullough - Commercial Growers’ Representative
  • Preston Stanley - CCPGA Manager